Ronaldo wants out...where should CR7 go next?

Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly asked for a transfer from Juventus. Let's take a look at potential landing spots 🤝 (4 minute read)


Juventus kicked off their 2021 Serie A play this past Sunday vs Udinese. However, Ronaldo requested that he not start, despite being fully fit. Instead, he came off the bench in what ended as a disappointing 2-2 tie

  • Juventus was favored at -220 (bet $220, win $100)

  • A draw was listed at +330

  • The last time Juventus played Udinese on the road, Ronaldo scored two goals

Reports say Ronaldo chose to come off the bench “because he hopes to find a solution on the market in the next days”. While no official bids have been made, teams will obviously look to make a move for the best striker in Fútbol

Transfer Odds

To be clear, Juventus does not have to move Ronaldo, but it gets interesting if Cristiano decides he won’t suit up for the Italian Club. Finding a transfer partner is difficult though, due to CR’s $64M annual salary AND the additional transfer fee that would go Juventus. Take a look at the current transfer odds:

  • Stay at Juventus: -275 (bet $275, win $100)

  • Man City: +200 (bet $100, win $200)

  • Man United: +1200

  • Real Madrid: +1300

  • PSG: +1400

  • Bayern Munich: +1800

What do all of these teams have in common? Money. These clubs represent six of the top 11 most valuable teams, meaning the money is there. But soccer is about fit, and most of these clubs have already made some big acquisitions this past year. However, with no salary cap, it’s all about whether there is mutual interest and proper fit

Recent Moves

Rumors are swirling regarding Kylian Mbappe’s potential departure to Real Madrid. If moves are made, that opens up a window for Ronaldo to join PSG. Imagine Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo together up top for PSG…are you kidding me?

Man City has been in pursuit of Tottenham’s Harry Kane all summer, but with conversation stalling and a deal looking less likely by the hour, perhaps Pep Guardiola will try to entice Ronaldo back to the Premier League?

Lastly, don’t forget that Ronaldo spent six years in England and nine years in Spain before joining Juventus:

  • Manchester United: 2003-2009, 292 games, 118 goals

  • Real Madrid: 2009-2018, 438 games, 450 goals

Maybe a homecoming is in order?

The Real Bet

To be honest, it’s too difficult to predict which club Ronaldo will suit up for in the coming weeks. Instead of picking a team out of a hat, why not bet on Serie A instead?

Despite a fourth-place finish in 2021 and CR departure rumors, Juventus is still the favorite to win the league:

  • Juventus: -125 (bet $125, win $100)

  • Inter Milan: +400 (bet $100, win $400)

  • Atalanta: +550

  • Napoli: +1000

  • AC Milan: +1200

Last season, Inter Milan won Serie A by 12 pts, with AC Milan and Atalanta coming in second and third. If Ronaldo transfers or tells Juventus he won’t suit up, all three of those teams become instant favorites to bring home a league title. If you choose one now, you’re looking at tremendous value

What would be a better duo? Messi and Ronaldo or Durant and LeBron? 😳