2024 NBA Preview 🏆

With the NBA draft in the rearview, the offseason is officially upon us. Let's recap the big moves that have already occurred and what's to come. It's a rather quiet free agency class, but several big time names feel like they could be moved 🏀 (3 min read)

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The Major Plays

We’re back after a short break and now that the draft is behind us, let’s take a look toward the 2024 NBA season. First, big shoutout to Amen and Ausar Thompson, as well as Jazian Gortman (Bucks) and Jaylen Martin (Knicks), big things ahead 👏

A number of contenders have already made major moves, and we can still expect some significant upcoming acquisitions in an admittedly underwhelming free agency class. We’ll start by recapping the big moves and then take on what’s to come 🔮

  • The first major post-playoffs event was the Bradley Beal sweepstakes — the Wizards star had a no-trade clause that allowed him his pick of the potential suitors, opting for Phoenix

  • The Suns possess the most star power in the NBA, but they’ll need to win right away given the draft capital they’ve exhausted 👀

Boston was the other contender to make a big swing, acquiring the other Washington star. Brad Stevens had his sights set on versatile big man Kristaps Porzingis, and initially agreed to a three-team deal that shipped reigning Sixth Man of the Year Malcolm Brogdon to the Clippers. However, when LA balked at Brogdon’s injury status, the Celtics ended up having to ship out Marcus Smart 😥

  • The longest tenured Celtic and the heart and soul of the squad, Smart will fit in perfectly in Memphis’ grit-and-grind culture, and will be dearly missed in Beantown

  • However, despite the hefty price, Porzingis adds a whole new dynamic to the Celtics and is coming off a career-best season 💪

The big moves are exciting, but it’s fun to look at some of the little transactions that go under the radar. Take a look here 👇

Trivia Question: Washington appears ready for a full-on tank job this season - when was the last year the Wizards had a Top-5 pick and who did they take?

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Looking Ahead

Moving toward the upcoming summer of free agency and the season beyond, it’s clear that certain squads are eager to make upgrades and hopefully join the NBA’s elite. Other Eastern Conference contenders are likely rattled by Boston’s newly minted star trio and should look to bolster their rosters in turn. The biggest potential domino to fall is Damian Lillard, who is still deciding whether to remain on a consistently lottery-bound Blazers squad

  • Lillard’s camp was pushing Portland to trade their No. 3 pick in the draft, but the Blazers opted to select Scoot Henderson, who seems like a clear Lillard replacement

  • The most likely Dame destination seems to be Miami who need a dynamic lead guard. Lillard, for his part, is doing nothing to quell the rumor mill 🍿

Other contenders are likelier to make moves around the margins, rather than pushing for a major piece like Damian Lillard. The Warriors already shipped out Jordan Poole for Chris Paul, moving off the youth movement that they had previously tried to juggle along with title contention. The big question now is Draymond Green’s future, as Paul supplants much of his playmaking role in Golden State 🧐

  • If Draymond does depart the only home he’s known in the NBA, the Lakers look like a potential favorite due to his ties to LeBron

  • LA will also have some major decisions to make on their impending free agents in Austin Reaves and D’Angelo Russell

  • With so much player movement on the horizon, peep where the 2024 title odds currently stand 🏆

  • Celtics: +460

  • Nuggets: +470

  • Bucks: +550

  • Suns: +650

  • Warriors: +1200

  • Lakers: +1500

One other name to keep an eye on is Paul George…it’s confirmed that the Knicks and Clippers have been in contact about a trade. Now that would be interesting 🍎

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Trivia Answer: Washington’s last top 5 pick was Otto Porter, drafted No. 3 overall back in 2013