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  • The Under Has Hit In 62% Of All NBA Games This Season

The Under Has Hit In 62% Of All NBA Games This Season

Is it the Wilson ball? Or maybe the new foul rules? Either way, the NBA is currently experiencing an unprecedented drop in offensive efficiency 🗑 (3 minute read)

The Rams signed Odell, check out how their odds changed 😂. We’re due to hit a parlay soon I promise — more below 🏀

Scoring’s Down BAD

After a little over three weeks of regular season basketball, around 62% of games have finished with a point total below their projected line. Last season, we experienced the most efficient scoring season in NBA history, but so far in 2021, offensive production is way down on both an individual and team level

  • Offensive rating: 107.5 pts/100 possessions (lowest since 2015-16)

  • 3-point percentage: 34.4% (lowest since 1997-98)

  • 3-point attempts per game: 35.7 (all-time high)

  • Free throw attempts per game: 19.9 (all-time low)

NBA teams are taking and missing more threes than ever, while also getting to the line at a historically low rate. It makes sense that a huge majority of unders are hitting, but what’s changed? 👇

It’s Gotta Be The Ball

Following the end of a 38-year partnership with Spalding as the official NBA ball, this season welcomes the Wilson. With shooting percentages way down, these superstar players have voiced their concerns with the new rock 🗣

However, others, including Kevin Durant and the Players Association President CJ McCollum, have pushed back against the suggested effects of new equipment. Discomfort with a new ball could be a real factor in depressing shooting percentages, but that’s just a piece of the puzzle

Crying Foul

Starting this season, the NBA’s officials have implemented a new understanding of a few types of fouls, denying calls to “abrupt or abnormal non-basketball moves by offensive players with the ball in an effort to draw fouls”

Some stars are struggling to adapt to these rules changes — here are just a few of the biggest drops of career free throw attempts per game compared to this season’s average 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Damian Lillard: 6.1 to 3.3

  • James Harden: 8.7 to 4.7

  • Trae Young: 7.3 to 5.3

This trio used to be among the best in the business at convincing the refs that they got hacked — now the new rules have effectively emptied their bag of tricks

In fact, last season five players averaged at least 28 points per game by the end of the year. This season, only Kevin Durant is above that mark at 29.5 PPG…

Trivia question: Who holds the all-time record for the most made free throws per game in a single season?

For My Parlay Gurus

We’re going to put this trend to the test tonight, specifically on the two nationally televised games. We’re due for a hit — let’s hope the stats back us up 🔢

  • Bucks @ Celtics Under 214.5: -110

  • Warriors -5.5 vs the Bulls: -110

If this hits, first to email [email protected] gets $100. I seriously NEED to hit a parlay 😅

Trivia answer: Jerry West’s 10.6 made free throws per game for the 1965-66 Lakers is the most ever in a season. James Harden is actually the only player in the Top 10 who has played in the 21st Century